Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shop and Save (Big!)

I’m in San Antonio this week spending time with my fam. Who, ironically drove to Houston to go to the Baylor bowl game. Sorry, Baylor.
So I made plans today to have lunch with one of my best friends, Kristin. We went to high school and college together, but we never get to see each other because she lives 5 hours away! Sad smile
We decided to go to The Quarry and do some “window shopping” after lunch. We started at the SA staple, EZ’s.
Image Source (sorry it’s nighttime in the EZ’s stock photo…)
After some rosemary chicken with focaccia, mixed veggies, rice, and lots of conversation, we set off do do some serious window shopping! Since I’m trying to save up for my camera, my shopping perspective today was that any money I spent shopping was money I was taking away from my camera fund.
Our first stop was Charming Charlie. If you haven’t been, it’s an overwhelming amount of jewelry and accessories. As Kristin put it, it has some serious bling! I had several things in my hand as I walked around the store, but I only ended up buying this scarf. Can’t wait to rock it!

After Charming Charlie, we walked over to Whole Foods, where I wanted to spend a $20 gift card that has been burning a hole in my wallet for over a year. I haven’t wanted to spend it on regular old groceries, and today seemed like a good day to spend it on something fun!
After lots of looking around, I decided to get a Bodum milk frother, which I have been wanting for a while to make quick lattes in the morning. With the leftover money on the gift card, I bought a baby bottle of Champagne to enjoy solo at my parents house tonight, and some blood oranges. Yum!
We decided to stop in at a bakery we saw, where I got a chocolate chip macaroon, which was only okay. Again, no photo. Sorry.
Next we went in West Elm (drool) and I bought these paper birds. I have the perfect vase for them in my room- I can’t wait to see how they look!
They even have A’s on them! Open-mouthed smile
After a few more stops (this time, actually window shopping) including Whole Earth and Francesca’s, we went our separate ways. It was so good to spend some time with Kristin and catch up in person, instead of on the phone.
I decided to stop at Gap (I know, I have a problem…) and just pop my head in to see if they had anything that I haven’t seen in Dallas lately. I know they hardmarked a bunch of stuff when I was in there last week, and when I walked in I discovered everything that was hardmarked was an extra 50% off. Score! I got a great oversized sweater and a basic long sleeve white tee.
I decided to stop by Barnes and Noble on my way home and see if I could find this book Allie bought last week. I have a ton of B&N gift cards from students to use. I couldn’t find the book (sad day…) but I did decide to go into Old Navy next door. I have kind of crossed Old Navy off my list for the last few years because their clothes never seem to fit well and seem very poorly made, but it was next door, so I figured it couldn’t help to look. Somehow this shirt (which was also on sale!) jumped into my bag!
And then I noticed Bath and Body Works next store. (Does anybody else feel like Bath And Body Works is SO 7th grade?) I remembered I had ANOTHER gift card (I know, perks of being a teacher…) with only 3 or 4 dollars left on it. And since THEY were having a huge sale, I decided to get some Nectarine Mint soap, which my sister had had in her bathroom over Christmas and I loved the scent of.
Phew! That’s a lot of shopping! By this time it was 6:30 and I was ready for dinner. Luckily I was also right next to Zio’s, which we don’t have in Dallas and my friends and I ate at all the time in high school all the time. I picked up something to go, and while I waited for my food, I popped next door to look at Carter’s. Can I just say,  I LOVE having an excuse to look at baby clothes without having a baby.  Winking smile
And seriously, how could I not buy this.
And even better, it was on sale too!
After all that, I picked up my dinner and came home to enjoy it with my champagne (which I made into poinsettias, yum) and put on The Importance Of Being Earnest via Netflix instant view. Phew!
So I did a LOT of shopping, but I saved even more!

Charming Charlie    Cost $15         Spent $15
Whole Foods          Cost $22        Spent $2 (gift card!)
West Elm               Cost $6          Spent $2.50
Gap                        Cost $70        Spent $15 (this is why I love Gap)
Old Navy                 Cost $25        Spent $15
B&BW                    Cost $5          Spent $3 (gift card!)
Carter’s                   Cost $10        Spent $4

Total Cost :               $153  Total Spent:   $56.50
Sounds good to me!
There is some HEB strawberry cheesecake ice cream calling my name now….adios!
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