Monday, December 20, 2010

Mexican Scoop

One of my favorite easy meals is an idea of Kath's that she coined "Mexican Scoop."

It's so easy and delicious. I pour one can of drained black beans in a pot. Then I add cumin, a little tomato in one form or another (diced, rotel, or even a bit of tomato sauce), chipotle tobasco (yum), bell pepper, garlic and some salt. Basically you're simmering it to a really thick soup. It only takes about 5 minutes.

When it finishes, top it with fresh avocado, sour cream (or even better, plain Greek yogurt) and another sprinkle of salt.

Add a handful of tortilla chips and start scooping I always get a bag of Food Should Taste Good lime tortilla chips. Definitely kicks it up a notch. If you have regular chips, you may want to put a squeeze of lime on top.

It's so satisfying without being too filling and a great healthy alternative when you are craving Mexican food.

Made a great late lunch today!

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