Thursday, December 23, 2010

Roommate Gifts and One More Day!

Today has been relaxing and productive. With the nephew being born and trying to finish up Christmas shopping, today has really been the frist day that I’ve been able to relax. Ahhhh….

But first lets backtrack…. Deb and Sarah and I realized last night that we needed to do our Christmas because it may be our last night together before we go our separate ways for family Christmas. So we opened some wine, had dinner, started Fellowship of The Rings, and opened gifts. It was fun. We haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. (That’s probably not true…we laugh a lot all the time, but last night was especially fun.)

Present exchange was fun, and I wanted to show you what my roommates gave me- lots of fun stuff!

Sarah gave me this beautiful set of makeup brushes from Bare Essentials. Hooray! I’ve been needing new makeup brushes forever!

IMG_1618[1] IMG_1622[1]IMG_1620[1]

Deb gave me a stocking hanger (because both of us didn’t have one!) with a Christmas tree and an angel, two of my favorite Christmas symbols. She asked me the other day what my favorite Christmas symbol was- I didn’t even pick up that it was a gift hint I was giving her. I was thinking how great a question that was and had to think long and hard to come up with an answer. She stumped me!

She also gave me a jar of pumpkin butter- yum! My roommates have to live with my love of all things pumpkin, cinnamon spiced, or otherwise fall flavored, so she picked the perfect gift for me. I hadn’t been able to find any pumpkin butter anywhere this fall and had to settle for peach pecan butter (which is still really really good) that I found at Target. Now I have pumpkin butter!!! (Anybody want to guess what I had for breakfast this morning?)


And then we did stockings. I was most excited about this because we don’t do stockings in my family, so I’ve never had a stocking to stuff or open. It was fun shopping for little things I knew my roommates would love and wait to see what was in my stocking!


I don’t know if it’s because my roommates are sisters, or if I’m just really easy to shop for, but my stocking totally had a theme. Citrus!


Blood orange body wash, Lush bath bomb, Sephora pink grapefruit sorbet body scrub, blood orange chocolate rooibos tea, and clementines! Everything is orange and grapefruit! I love it!


Also, some SUPER cute fingerless gloves, a Christmas tree ornament, and a See’s chocolate sucker (yum!)

Don’t be fooled- I know I only have photos of the gifts, but even more than that, the time I got to spend laughing, celebrating, crying, eating, talking, and being with my roommates was the best part of all.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Ft. Worth for Christmas with my fam (and new nephew!), and I can’t wait to celebrate with them all!

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