Saturday, December 4, 2010


About 2 1/2 years ago, my friend Kelly and I took a ballet class for beginning adults. We had a ton of fun and mostly spent the majority of class laughing at how ridiculous we looked.

Kelly's friend Whitney taught the class, and also teaches the classes for the little little girls. The good thing that came out of my brief attempt at ballet is Kelly's and my tradition to go seen the company's performance of The Nutcracker every year.

I love The Nutcracker. Now knowing how much I love Christmas, are any of us surprised by this? I love the magic you feel when the tree gets bigger, and the beauty of the snow dancing, and the cute little mice and gingerbread and angels. I love the dances from all the different countries, and most of all, I love the Grand Pas De Deux at the end of Act II.

(If it starts to get a tad long, fast forward to about 3:00. That's when it starts to get so good.)

Don't you just love how big and dramatic it is? Le sigh.

After my brief stint with ballet, I have such an appreciation for the athleticism in ballet. So much more than any other major sport (such as football. Blech.). I mean, come on. Forget about standing on point. Just try standing on the balls of your feet for 30 seconds. Seriously. Stand up right now and try it. Tough, huh?

Now try doing that on your tips of your toes, with one leg in the air, and holding that leg perfectly in the air while someone stands behind you and spins you 10 times. A-mazing.

We had a fabulous time, and I am all full of the Christmas mood now! Can't wait for Nutcracker next year!

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