Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Dinner

3 days and countless hours later, my computer has finally finished 3 years worth of updates and installs, so that I was FINALLY able to download Windows Live Writer, the blog writing software. Get excited.
So, although it’s a day late, I have lots of fun pictures from the Christmas Dinner last night. Some of the tables were amazing!

We got lots of compliments on our teacher-y construction paper and children’s book table, complete with working train!
We may not quite be on par with some of the “grown ups,” but after all, most of us don’t have funds or any good reason to buy a set of 8 Christmas dishes, wine glasses, and tons of decorations.

Every year I get the girls at my table ornaments, and this year I added a little personal touch!
Dinner was great and the show afterwards was really fun. The decorations, the food, the convo, the show, and all of it for a great cause, and celebrating my favorite holiday! Does it get any better?
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