Monday, December 13, 2010


Yesterday I heard about an amazing charity I just had to share with you.

There has been a big push in Dallas with the lead up to the Superbowl in February (yay!) to be proactive about standing up to Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation. Historically when a major sporting event comes to a town, there is a large spike in both of these areas that tend to stick around after the event ends.

One of the organizations that is being proactive in this area is a group called Love146. They are a group of people who were motivated by the problems they saw with child sex trafficking in South Asia, the US, and Europe. Since 2002 they have been working at supporting local groups and doing everything they can to free, rehabilitate, and restore girls who are victims of this unimaginable crime.

I’m so amazed at what they have done and their advocacy for these girls. You can learn more about them and check out their website here. I know it’s hard, especially around this time of year, to choose which charity to give to. There are so many people asking for your money, for all kinds of amazing causes. I think we all have to choose to give to a charity that motivates us. I just know that for girl 146 and all the other children she represents, out there somewhere, I want to be able to tell them I helped fight for them. What are you fighting for?

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