Sunday, December 5, 2010


My friend Summer invited a bunch of us to a Messiah sing-a-long (which I think fancy people just call a "Messiah Sing"). I had heard of these for several years, but had never been to one, so when she knew of one going on. I jumped at the chance. My years in choir gave me plenty of opportunity with good ole Handel (I'd like to see a show of hands what choir graduate hasn't done Hallelujah Chorus at least five times). We did Messiah in high school with the orchestra my junior year. But it's been a good 8 years since then. So I was excited to get back in there and sing it again. 

As we walked in, we were given our programs and this.  

Oh. Yeah. That's 252 pages of music. Get comfortable folks.

We chatted from our front row seats (score!) for quite some time. I took some pictures of the inside of the gorgeous church, which I heard someone say has the largest pipe organ in Texas. I'm not going to argue. 

It was beautiful. The music was great. It was fun being back in a real choir, if only for the evening. It made me realize how much I miss singing. The soloist (who actually did most of the sining for the evening) were amazing.  Shannon and I had a blast singing (and in many cases, mumbling) the alto parts when it got to the Chorus pieces. When they got to the Hallelujah Chorus, everyone stood, and we ended the evening belting out "Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" at the top of our lungs. When it ended I was ready to do it all over again. One more time, everybody!

It  was a great evening that put me in the real Christmas spirit. Hallelujah!

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