Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Lights

Coldplay came out with a new single yesterday. 

It's about Christmas. 

I adore both of these things. 

I love my boys so much- Chris, Jonny, Will, and Guy. I know that Coldplay has millions of fans, but somehow I feel like they are mine. Getting to see them from less that 30 feet away at their concert last summer was amazing beyond words. 

 I saw a behind the scenes look at the making of the video the other day, and got excited for December 1, when the single was going to come be released. I was not disappointed. 

I don't know what I love more- the colorful vaudeville piano, the fireworks going off above the Thames, the violin-playing Elvises (is that how you pluralize Elvis?), the backdrop of the stage complete with man in the moon, moving waves, and giant fish eating tiny sail boats. (All of this somehow, was very tastefully done. Only Coldplay could pull that ridculousness off and make it look good.) I have to say though, I got a huge kick out of googling the Latin phrase that was above the stage "credo elvem etiam vivere." I could piece together "credo" as believe and "vivere" as live and expected it to be some grand statement about life, or Christmas, but couldn't help but smile when the google search returned "I believe Elvis lives." 

They're silly, those boys. I love it.

Anyway, here's  the video. Enjoy!

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