Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I always try to make my lunch for the week on Sunday and then bring it with me to much on all week long. It’s a perfect solution to both laziness in the field of lunch preparation at 6:00 am and the fact that I only have 25 minutes to eat lunch.

So on Sunday, as I was putting together my grocery list, all I could think about was Thanksgiving food. The result was a quick and easy Thanksgiving knock off.

-Rotisserie chicken

- Steam in bag green beans

- Stove Top stuffing

-Cranberry sauce

-Mini pumpkin pies!

The cranberry sauce was a quick mix of cranberries, ½ c sugar, ½ c water, juice and zest of 1 orange, cinnamon stick, simmer over stove until jelly-like. I love anything cranberry. Have I mentioned that?

The pumpkin pies were my friend Michelle’s pumpkin dip: ½ can pumpkin, 1 block cream cheese, ¼ c powdered sugar, pumpkin pie spice to taste. I piped the dip into frozen pre-cooked phyllo cups. Holy Yum.

I am loving eating Thanksgiving leftovers all week long. (I think my co-workers are slightly jealous.) This was quick and easy enough that you could make it any time, not just the week before Thanksgiving!

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