Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bread, I said!

Last year for Thanksgiving I decided to make bread for the first time. Long story short, it turned out awful. I over kneaded the bread, I added too much flour, and it just turned out terrible. Even more unfortunately, I convinced myself it wasn't that bad and still served it. (Sorry family!)

So I asked Sarah for a recontamination for an idiot-proof bread recipe.  I decided to try the Buttermilk Potato Bread from Joy of Cooking.

 It was a long process, from the cutting, peeling and mashing potatoes, to the proofing, rolling, and baking the bread. But it was a lot of fun, and best of all, the bread turned out amazing.

I made cloverleaf rolls to eat with Thanksgiving dinner, and a loaf of bread to much on in the mean time. Yum!

I also made cayenne caramel corn, spiced apple pear pie, and roasted pumpkins for the pumpkin pie. It was a busy baking day, and tomorrow's more of the same. It's nice to have time to do all these fun projects in the kitchen- I'm counting down the days until I can bite into one of those rolls!

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  1. I adore baking bread! It is one of my all time favorite pastimes. I really like the concept of your blog! I know that I often focus on the "glass half empty" theory rather than the glass half full. I have been desperately trying to change that for years. Baby steps.


  2. Exactly. Just focusing on ONE thing a day that I can share with everyone helps me find a MYRIAD of things I can focus on! Thanks for the comment Haleigh. I definitely recommend the Joy Of Cooking Potato Buttermilk Bread. It turned out amazing.