Thursday, January 6, 2011

Make It Better

I was supposed to nephew-sit tonight. That didn’t work out- and it ended up leading to crappy thing after crappy thing happening tonight. It wasn’t anything major- not managing my time well, traffic, frustration, and disappointment. I wasn’t able to go to Forth Worth anymore, sot by the time I finally made it home I was really grumpy. I’d been looking forward to nephew-sitting all week, so I was disappointed it didn’t work out for reasons out of my control. Sad smile

Anyway, I decided to come home and make dinner instead since my plans were cancelled. All week I’d been wanting to make chicken pot biscuit-pie, so I tried (as ever) to look on the bright side of life by finally having a quiet evening at home to make dinner. A glass of wine, my Diana Krall Pandora station (current fav!), a quick trip to go buy butter, and this was the finished product.



Totally hit the spot. I needed the comfort food tonight. I also heard this song, which I love, and fixed everything.


Sarah and I chit chatted, and she made me laugh, I drank wine and cooked, and when it was all ready, we feasted. It may not be how I’d planned to spend my time, but it definitively made my evening better (thought I still wish I had spent the evening giving my nephew hugs!).

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