Monday, January 3, 2011

Eat In Month

Diana of The Chic Life is doing a whole month of no restaurants. And I’m joining her!

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve decided to save money (for my camera!) this month and start my year off healthy by eating in. Diana did it last year and had great success with it. So I thought it would be a great way to kick off 2011.

So we’ve now been through 2 days of 2011, and I’ve already had problems. Woops…Yesterday I hung out with Victoria all day, and she, Kathryn and I were sitting around talking around dinner time. Dilemma….

I don’t want to be either the person who says “Oh, we can go eat. I’ll just sit and watch you…” and make everyone with me feel bad while I sit there and starve, nor the person who says “hey instead of doing what everyone wants and eating out, let’s go get groceries and eat in!” So we went to Carinos and got pizza.

First day.


And then I realized. I have a bachelorette party Friday. We’re going out to dinner. Oh, yeah. And I have a friend’s birthday party Saturday. And we’re going to Pei Wei, one of my favorites.

So I emailed Diana and consulted her sage wisdom. She told me to relax and enjoy my social events with my friends. So I vowed to only eat out for Summer’s bachelorette, maybe for Julie’s party, and make up the extra days at the end.

We always go out to dinner after church, so I was bracing myself to go and hang out, but not eat. Telling myself that push was going to come to shove and I needed to make the right decision, no matter how tough.  And then we decided to go to Five Guys. It’s just opened nearby, and I’ve never been. There are other locations in Dallas, and I’ve been wanting to go forever! Somehow I’ve just never been, and tonight was my chance!

I arrived a bit after everyone, and they were already eating. I wanted to order a burger so bad! They did look super good, and I even pulled out my wallet at one point, but Kathryn and Victoria talked me into putting it away. Victoria even shared (many) of her fries. And they were so good. Cajun fries!

So, though my first 2 days of eat in challenge involved a cheat or two (though I didn’t technically buy food tonight…) I am reminding myself that it’s all in the journey. Hopefully going back to work this week will keep me too busy to have time for social eating out, since that seems to be the culprit.

If you want to participate in the Eat-In Challenge, check out the guidelines on Diana’s website!

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